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Atari Age and the site below used to sell blank boards, not sure when either one will start again:


If you're feeling adventurous enough to try a multicart but don't have a burner, you can buy programmed 27C080 eproms from here: USTR
They will hold 256 4k games, just give the extra address lines pullup resistors to 5v and dip-switches to ground (or vice-versa). I combined the individual .bin files with the "cat" command in unix, not sure how to do it in PC-land. Documenting all the switch settings is the hard part. There's more eprom links at the bottom of Ratty's links page.


You used to be able to order a manufactured board that fits between the TIA and its socket (not sure if it will be restocked): Atari2600.com
and it's discussed here: Atari Age forums

To solder up your own go to: Atari Age 2600 FAQ
The chroma/luma one in the 2600 FAQ is the only one worth doing. Don't believe me? Then check out Nathan Strum's Page

I'll put up something more detailed later, but for now my video-mod advice is:

  1. You can leave out the 4050 digital buffer, the transistor is buffer enough
  2. Solder the luma and sync resistors directly on the 2600 board sticking up, join them together there so you only have one wire coming out.
  3. Do sync plus one luma line into the transistor circuit first, see if you get a dark black and white picture before going on
  4. If you only want composite, run the chroma into the luma transistor, not a separate transistor, the edges are sharper than tying luma and chroma together at the output.
  5. Cut the base lead of the audio oscillator transistor, it causes distortion.
  6. If you're new to electronics, buy a protoboard at radio shack and stuff the circuit into it first (no soldering)


Don't need one, just plug it in and use the B button to fire


NES Control Pad Coversion Haven't tried myself yet


Multicon_Retro This site has some other neat projects and links.

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