5200 4 Port Power Mod

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NOTE: If you have already done an s-video mod for a 4-port 5200 (instructions in 5200 FAQ at atariage), then adding a direct power jack becomes trivial:

  1. do s-video mod so RF is no longer used (granted, this is a big first step)
  2. remove the big thick cable
  3. solder a high current (2A) inductor to where cable was (L value not critical)
  4. connect other end of inductor to + side of a power jack
  5. solder - side of jack to 5200 ground
  6. remember to use very thick wire that's able to handle 2 amps

If you do not plan on doing an s-video mod, Mitch Orman posted an alternate method to AtariAge:
Mod Procedure-text by Mitch
Mod Pictures-posted by Cpuwiz (large download)


Ratty tries the mod: the 5200 works, but the house burns down

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