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Lots of people are interested in doing this because 7800 supplies are rare and the connectors seem to go bad. I've had luck using 2600 supplies, but some people say to use something rated for more juice like a genesis supply, especially if you have a Cuttle Cart. Make sure you only use a dc supply, AVOID the NES and INTV2 ac ones.
Atari Age 7800 FAQ Has basic instructions
Look at p237 on Hacking Book


2600 Stereo Sound Just follow these instructions while paying attention to the note about the external audio.


Atari Age thread Contains further links
I'll put up something more detailed later, but for now my video-mod advice is:
  1. You can leave out the 4050 digital buffer, the transistor is buffer enough
  2. Solder the luma and sync resistors directly on the 7800 board sticking up, join them together there so you only have one wire coming out.
  3. Do sync plus one luma line into the transistor circuit first, see if you get a dark black and white picture before going on
  4. If you only want composite, run the chroma into the luma transistor, not a separate transistor, the edges are sharper than tying luma and chroma together at the output.
  5. Cut the base lead of the audio oscillator transistor, it causes distortion.
  6. If you're new to electronics, buy a protoboard at radio shack and stuff the circuit into it first (no soldering)


I've seen several options posted:
  1. Attach two standard 2600 joysticks to a barstool
  2. Use the 5200 dual controller holder with something to pad the sides
  3. Use the 2600 Spy Hunter dual controller holder with a re-wired joystick
  4. Use the Colecovision Roller Controller (it holds standard cv controllers on the right and left)
  5. Build a PSX Dual Stick Adapter


NES Control Pad Coversion Haven't tried myself yet
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