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John Soper has been a big classic videogame fan for a few years now. His old hobby in 80s and early 90s (when cheap games were everywhere, dammit) was comics. One day at work in 1997, he was searching the internet for a good C programming FAQ and somehow wound up at a tribute page to the Commodore 64. After that things really went downhill fast. The combination of hunting things down and buying them cheap, building up a collection, tinkering with electronics, and not least actually playing the games worked an evil spell on him.

He works as an semiconductor test engineer in Santa Clara California. He's been in industry 20 years and has both a BS and MS in electrical engineering. As of 2013, he's gotten more interested in Java and Big Data programming.

Since 2002, John has been married to his incredible wife Jean. She has a teaching degree and works in daycare centers. In her spare time she blasts rock music and does terrible things to Sims on her PC.

Ratty (not pictured) is a typical parasite rodent, but he will solder up projects in exchange for table scraps. Anything you don't like on this website was his work, anything you do like was John's.

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