Rattys Lab Rules

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Ratty says follow these four rules and he won't have any problem with you:

  1. You do these experiments at your own risk and should not do anything beyond your experience level in electronics.
  2. Be extra careful with modern systems, intellivision-1s, and intellivision-3s. They all bring the 120v power inside the console which can be dangerous, even life threatening.
  3. I am not responsible for any damage you do to your console or controllers. In fact I've destroyed a few systems myself over the years.
  4. Friendly emails and questions from (somewhat) knowledgeable hobbyists are welcome.

The purpose of this website is to spread information of classic videogaming hardware projects. It sometimes crosses the line into a "vanity site" but there's still a lot of good learning to be done here. Besides, I'm the one paying the $60 a year host fee for the right to be vain :)

I've tried to credit everyone else for their work and only post other people's stuff when there wasn't a link available. Please email if something seems inappropiate or is bothering you.

This site is somewhat primitive and is that way by design. The projects are intended to speak for themselves and if we don't need fancy modern graphics in our videogames, we certainly don't need them for our websites. All HTML, CSS and JavaScript code (plus Selenium testing) was handwritten as a learning experience, and if it ever gets upgraded to a flashier appearance, it will be for the same reasons.

In the meantime, you must admit it loads without any problems or popups and that's worth something.

Nothing on this site is there to make me money. You are welcome to use any of it yourself, but will probably find that these projects take too much time to do for hire.

I am sorry, but I can't build any of these projects to sell, simply don't have enough free time. Please don't take this as being rude (I still have GTA Vice City sitting shrinkwrapped from Christmas, how sad is that?).

Ratty just told me he'd work for payment in 100 lb blocks of cheese.

Let me emphasize, this is my hobby and I am doing this for FUN. Learning new stuff and working with my hands is also fun for me. I don't take part in flamewars or spend all day on the internet because that is just not fun, and if you are, please think about taking a break and building up other parts of your life.

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